THE GRAPE GAME is a board game that lets you PLAY AT WINE GROWING !

For 2 to 6 players From age 8-9 to 99…

As the manager of your vineyard, you will try to carry out all the operations making up a year in viticulture, from winter pruning until grape harvesting.

Each task you perform represents an expense either in personnel for manual tasks (pink tokens), or in equipment for mechanical tasks (grey tokens). Each operation will enable you to earn either grape cards or maturity cards, and, at the right time, you will have to collect these cards in pairs in order to harvest ripe grapes.
The more pairs you gather, the more points you score!

Be careful! The weather, vine diseases, accidents and even hiring strategies between players may complicate your harvesting plans.
It is all a matter of risk management… your passion will transform you into a winegrower!
…and the accompanying booklet (Lexicon and wine growing notes) will instruct you to become – who knows ? – a real winegrower!

As the players choose and separate into the two styles of cultivating their vines, they will enjoy playing the “Traditional” style against the “Conventional” way, and throughout the game, they will learn the details of the job of wine growing.

It is not a matter of performing each operation in just one trip around the board : this is not a game of ‘snakes and ladders’ ! The secret is to make as many trips as required in order to utilize all of your talents and resources.

A management game requiring luck and strategy, THE GRAPE GAME enables anyone with or without prior knowledge of wine-making to discover the true nature of this noble profession and to enjoy the process.

A complete game can be played in 60 minutes (4 players), or 30 minutes (2 players), and 120 mn (6 players).

Thanks to Lee Valente for the translation of the game rule and the basics.

the grape game opened out

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