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Veni Vidi Viti is a company founded by Gilles Bourjade in Bordeaux, who deliberately positioned it “aux côtés des vins-coeurs!” His primary vocation is to accompany wine growers from growing the grapes to selling the bottled wine by providing them with a technique based upon 100% quality, rather than 0 defects. This is a better system which guarantees good wine longevity.

After producing VIGN’EN JEU and THE GRAPE GAME, his role turned more towards the present and future consumers on a different terrain – such as the communications.

We are available for any mission you would entrust us in the field of vine growing, wine making or marketing and oenotourism.

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What issue of communication ?

When talking about winegrowing estates, domaines or Chateaux, what comes to mind is the cellar – row upon row of barrels in a splendid architectural setting. The general improvement in the quality of wine these last twenty years is readily attributed to the evolution in cellar techniques, made possible by progress in oenology.

All that is true, and yet…

“Today, it is clear that the quality of great wines comes from the vineyard”
Winegrowers often repeat this: it’s clear to them! But to the general public… it’s less obvious.
When you know that production costs are higher in the vineyard than elsewhere, it’s easy to see that a lack of knowledge about the vineyard means the work done there is underappreciated.

In today’s society, where the notion of traceability is increasingly important for the consumer, there’s nothing like teaching to get the message across…
…and if that message can be made fun, so much the better !

THE GRAPE GAME : a innovative communication tool !

Starting from this premise, Gilles Bourjade had the idea of creating a board game to enable a wider audience for teaching the importance of working on the vines to attain a higher quality. In this way, he felt he could enable wine amateurs to appreciate « from the inside » the world of wine making by simply playing the game !

An excellent and relevant communication tool, THE GRAPE GAME is an ideal way for winegrowers to teach their clients, collaborators or friends about the importance of efforts made at the vines to obtain the highest grade of grape.

In a society where traceability is increasingly more important to the consumer, having the keys to better understanding the process is a true issue.

A great business gift, isn’t it ?

The facing of the box cover can be personalized for the greatest success of your new communication strategy.

We are available to consider your needs, and your means as well, in order to lead your business at the top of its possibilities.THE GRAPE GAME also exists in French: VIGN’EN JEU – the same game, the same pleasure !

A great gift to offer to your clients, friends or family members who do not speak the language of Shakespeare !

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