You will find here a few comments made by players in the Golden Book, after playing THE GRAPE GAME : (translated from French)

Caroline, 12 : Before playing this game, when I saw a bottle of wine, I did not think at all about all the work that went into it…

Helene, 28 : “I love strategy games, rather complex but not too hard, and I had a great fun to play this game. Many twists and turns until the last second, no dreariness at all and no hassles! An immersion into the wine growing world while having fun… That’s perfect! I recommend it (and yet I’m a sore loser… that means that’s a good game) !!! Try it!”

Michel, 67 (while playing the game) : Now I understand why I pay that much for my bottle of wine!

Jean-Pierre, 45 : a really nice trip through wine country, which clearly explains things and teaches about wine-growing work

Shams, 8 1/2 : I love this game ; I would really like to buy it, because you learn things.

Isabelle, his mother : An interesting game for both children and adults, and nobody gets bored.

Christine, 28 : a fun, educational game!

Sylvie, 47 : The game is good for awakening curiosity about the vine. Walking in the country and seeing vines, we will look at them differently.

Renaud, 57 : A playful spirit to acquire a taste for the vine and its use. Real suspense until the end.

Sabine and Pascal, 43 and 44 : A really good evening spent with a fun, educational game. Bravo!

Sabrina, 39 (Italian background) : A really nice, fun game ; time passes quickly and you learn new words!

Christophe, 25 : A playful, educational game about a world the public knows little about. Thanks.

Daniel, 64 : A very good, convivial game ! As a former cellar-worker, I appreciated the stragey of this game. A big bravo for the creator.

Victoria, 9 : I think this game is terrific and you had the impression that you were really growing (grapes).

Mathilde, 11 : I think the game is interesting because just looking at it makes me want to play it, and maybe even do it for real!

Segolene, 10 : It was fantastic!

Paul-Antoine, 19 : An interesting and well-designed game. Thank you.

Clemence, 19 : Sun, storm, rain, nothing could keep us from playing this interesting and instructive game! It is very well thought out! Thank you!

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