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Opening the box:

1) Remove the little discs arranged in clusters on 6 logbooks, at first by turning them and tapping them on a table, then by removing delicately with the nail or a point of knife the ones wich could stay. Keep them for the new option of “pay game”. About the new rule, you can ask us by e-mail.

2) Check 105 translucent tokens in all : 54 hot pink tokens and 36 grey tokens in the big bag; 6 hot pink tokens and 9 grey tokens in the small bag containing also 6 pawns and a dice. 7 cavities situated in the container for tokens are expected to put in a permanent way 15 tokens each : 9 hot pink tokens and 6 grey in each of the 6 cavities, and 6 hot pink tokens and 9 grey right in the center (reserve of the game master).

Notice to the collectors:

The game Rule as well as the Glossary / Viticultural Basics of this first edition of THE GRAPE GAME (limited edition) are tracked down by a code at the bottom : think about the future..

Do not hesitate to tell us your questions ! Answers will enhance this page.

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