THE GRAPE GAME is a family game… a board game of luck and strategy –a set of management type game, without any question– which makes you aware of the wine growing practice!

No previous knowledge of grape-growing or wine making is necessary. Learn the business while playing… quite simply!

THE GRAPE GAME is not only fun to play but also educational, teaching you about the different tasks involved in growing grapes, which is the first of many steps involved in producing an excellent wine.

THE GRAPE GAME can easily be played among friends or family members. Children at 8 or 9 years old will enjoy the game…

as much as their parents and grandparents!

THE GRAPE GAME is also a simulation of current grape-growing techniques : interested players can learn more by reading the enclosed brochure. Who knows? Perhaps the vocabulary and knowledge you acquire will convince you to change careers and go into the business for real!…

You will learn, for instance:
– what is involved in shoot removal, tying-up and trimming… and under which conditions these actions are performed;
– the various types of fertilization and their usefulness;
– the favouring weather conditions which lead to mildew, grey rot and other vine diseases;
– and so on…

the grape game opened out


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