Congratulation and thanks for ordering The Grape Game / Vign’en jeu !


We want to assure you that we will do our best in order to provide you an entire satisfaction.

So, as soon as we receive your order and your payment, we will send a parcel ‘Colissimo’ with delivery receipt (of the ‘National’ type if sent in the Metropolitan France; of the ‘International’ type if sent abroad) to the address you have specified. If not soon, we will send you an e-mail explaning the reason why. The parcel is supposed to be delivered to you within 48 h (or 3 workdays) in the Metropolitan France, 3-5 workdays in Europe, 6-8 away.

Your bill will be enclosed with the parcel (unless you prefer not because of it is a present sent directly to another people; in this case, the bill will be sent to you by e-mail).

The delivery fee in Metropolitan France (Zone 1) are only EUR 3.00/copy because we take charge of most of it. You keep the discount and you will only pay the extra payment for shipping beyond the French border; so, you must add to the Excl.VAT price, depending the delivery country (automatically calculated) :

Zone 1 : Germany, Belgium, Netherland, Luxemburg : EUR 7.46

Zone 2 : United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria : EUR 10.08

Zone 3 : Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania : EUR 10.23

Zone 4 : Greece, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Other Countries of Eastern Europe, the Maghreb : EUR 12.84

Zone 5 : USA, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Korea, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Viet Nam : EUR 26.86

Zone 6 : America (except USA and Canada), Africa (except Maghreb), Middle East, Asia and Oceania (except Australia) : EUR 34.43

Zone OM1 : France Outre Mer (DOM) : EUR 15.77

Zone OM2 : France Outre Mer (TOM) : EUR 30.22

Postage paid for purchasing a parcel of 6 copies (or more) in Metropolitan France.

Would you like to order and receive several copies in one parcel? Please contact us and we will tell you the discount!

Store removal is possible, free of delivery fee ; available by appointment only.


If something would go wrong, we would be sorry and we ask you to let us know as soon as possible. If the problem concerns a parcel you have already received, you are asked to meet the deadline of 14 days after your reception to inform us of the problem.

Every product which would be returned for personal reason, without the agreement of the editor VENI VIDI VITI SARL to support the whole shipping fees, would be returned under the full responsability of the customer who sends it and who would bear the shipping cost.

In this instance, every product must be returned unwrapped in its original packaging to be likely to be repaid within 14 days (complete price of the product including postage which has been payed) . We must remember that the price you paid for sending the game is well below the price you have to pay for the return, which will be at the current postal rates.

If the product must be returned for a defect reason, please send a message to Veni Vidi Viti sarl by clicking here and we will support the return of the parcel as needed, after telling you what to do.

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