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Vini vitis bio


Vini Vitis Bio : Communications agency for training in bio-agriculture, ecology and bio-dynamics, created in 1999. The agency is present throughout the winegrowers’ production in Western Europe.
(Vini Vitis Bio still exists but the link www.vinivitisbio.fr seems to be corrupted…)

DMjWineworks : Dewey Markham, a fabulous writer…

Au cœur du vin (The Heart of Wine) : Eric offers a detailed and interesting visit of the vineyard of Chablis (Burgundy) in his famous Citroen 2CV.

Speak Out : a so usefull and interesting training…

Many French living in the city of Grenoble, in the French Alps, would like to improve their knowledge of English without returning to the classroom. The association known as “Speak Out!” was created in 2008 for this purpose : to organize and provide various games and activities for its members so that they can practice speaking English with native speakers under all conditions. THE GRAPE GAME has become one of their favorite activities! (www.speakout.fr seems to be ‘out’ and it’s a pity ! Hope Max’ health isn’t the reason…)

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